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The Dark Below

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Enter the Purgatory realm somewhere between the Aether and the Nether, home to the beasts and lost souls, where Herobrine himself is trapped. Discover the land of the lost in Herobrine’s own dimension and battle your way through.

The Dark Below is a dimension exploration mod that has a heavy focus on adventure and RPG style elements, based on mythology and bibliology. Journey to a new distant land that is lore friendly to the Minecraft story and game and encounter brand new structures and dungeons, meet weird and wonderful creatures and battle mini-bosses to collect materials and advance through the mod and develop or find a way to summon and defeat Herobrine, the final boss.

  • Brand new dungeons & structures with mini-bosses with different abilities/purposes
  • Final boss battle with unique loot drops and processes
  • Structures progression system to completion to avoid confusion
  • Updates and current development support to keep the mod alive and fresh
  • Hours of content in survival mode and great to play with friends