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Question How To Connect To The Server
Posted by: thebluecrusader - 12-26-2018, 01:14 AM - Forum: Rules & Information - No Replies

Greetings everyone! 

We have changed the current server from Vanilla Minecraft 1.12.2 to 1.7.10 which may cause some issues for people connecting.
You may wonder why we did this? We have switched to modded Minecraft, although some features may have been lost in the process of going back in version, most of these features such as 1.13's Shipwrecks have been replaced with mods (we added a Shipwreck mod to compensate for this).

In order to connect to our new server, you must first download the Technic Launcher. You can download it here:

  • http://technicpack.net
  • Once you download the technic launcher, log in with your Minecraft/Mojang login
  • Then there should be a search bar in the top left of the launcher.
  • Copy and paste the following link into the bar: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/majo...ack.119543 (Click the link and copy it from the web browser's address bar first as the forum shortens it)
  • It should come up as "Crusader Craft 1.7.10 Modpack", click install.
  • Once it has downloaded, connect to the server using this IP: crusadercraftpublic.nitrous.it

Congratulations, now you have installed the correct mods to connect to our server. Any changes to the server will be automatically updated through the mod pack and if you need to download an update, technic launcher will automatically let you update the pack with little to no effort.

Heart How To Donate (Become A Donator)
Posted by: thebluecrusader - 12-17-2018, 05:26 PM - Forum: Donate - No Replies

The following is all of the information regarding donations on the server. Donations are optional and not mandatory. However, donating directly helps the server stay online. Currently, I am paying for the server out of my own pocket but it is hard due to the size and the player slots of the server, but Donators definitely help support this project. Donating allows you to gain access to multiple perks on the website and in-game on the server.

Website Perks Unlocked By Donating

  • Custom Coloured User Rank Title
  • Favoured In Staff Applications
  • Trusted In Player Reports
In-Game Minecraft Perks By Donating
  • Receive 10 Diamonds
  • Server Donator Rank With Exclusive Commands:
  • /Heal Command – Allows you to heal yourself
  • /Repair – Repair Items without an anvil
  • /feed – You don’t need to kill animals for food again in game
  • /back – Allows you to go back to your death point to save your dropped items
  • /enchant – Enchant your items without needing an enchantment table
  • [Donator] Coloured Tag In The In-Game Chat/Server Lobby To Stand Out From Others
Here Is The Link To Donate

Donate Here

  Minecraft Server Rules
Posted by: thebluecrusader - 12-17-2018, 04:40 PM - Forum: Rules & Information - No Replies

Here is a full write-up of all of the rules you must follow on our Minecraft Server if you want to avoid bans & suspensions and be a valuable member of our community

Rules related to Players

  • Do not troll, harass, or bully other players in any way.

  • Do not use an offensive skin, username or nickname.

  • Do not reveal Real Life information, especially home addresses.

  • Do not break the Mojang Terms of Services or engage in illegal actions.

  • Do not attempt to Cheat, Hack, Exploit, Use Bugs Or Reverse Engineer On The Server

  • Do not scam other players either on the Forums or in-Game.

  • Do not steal skins from players or maliciously edit them.

  • If you have a problem with Staff or Players, report them on the Forum.
Rules related to Staff

  • Do not backseat moderate, or threaten others with punishment.

  • Do not impersonate/pretend to be a staff member.

  • Do not attack staff for being staff.

  • Do not waste or abuse staff time when they are working.

  • Never ask staff to abuse their powers or rank privileges.
Rules related to Roleplay

  • Do not disrupt the roleplay of others or force yourself onto others.

  • Do not engage in inappropriate roleplay with players or in public.
Rules related to Alternate Accounts

  • Do not use Alts to spy on players

  • Do not avoid Server Punishments with Alts (Perma-bannable)

  • Do not use Alts to spam/abuse the reward/voting rewards system

  • If you forgot your password you can use an alt if your main is not banned on our server
Rules related to Griefing

  • Do not build pillars or structures to enter an enemy faction without removing them after.

  • Do not grief or intentionally make someone else’s build look ugly, or build offensive structures.

  • Do not grief/block the /warp wild survival teleport to prevent other players access to this zone.

Rules related to Chat

  • Do not misuse chat channels for something else other than their purpose.

  • Do not cause drama in public chats. Divert your complaints or reports to the Forums.

  • Do not impersonate staff or pretend/allude to be staff in any way or form.

  • Do not engage in political, religious, sensitive, or inappropriate topics in public channels.

  • Do not advertise competing servers either in public or private Chat Channels.

Rules related to Cheats and Glitches

  • Do not use a glitch to your advantage, and report any glitches you find.

  • Do not use Cheats or Hacked Clients to your advantage, and report those who do.

  • Do not use Autoclickers, Macros or Mouse/Keyboard features to gain an advantage.

  • Abusing plugin tools that are used to simplify commands (like Hawkeye and MassiveLock tools) is not allowed (for example: Selling, Building, crafting)

Rules related to Plugins and Mechanics

  • Anything that causes lag, or is understood to cause lag by staff can and will be removed.

  • Do not create massive Redstone machines or engines that cause Lag.

  • Do not create auto-farms, water-farms, or other non-manual farming.

  • Do not use any of the plugins to spam messages to other players or to avoid mute punishments.

  • Do not break Minecraft mechanics through plugin usage or vice versa.

  • Do not misuse plugins in way they were intended to be used. For example Stair glitching.

  • Do not misuse Faction Permissions in ways they were not intended to be used.

  • Do not create traps involving portals or invisible portals to capture or kill players.

  Staff Application Template & Requirements
Posted by: thebluecrusader - 12-17-2018, 04:30 PM - Forum: Staff Applications - No Replies

This post will be to address everyone who wants to become a Moderator or Staff Member on the Minecraft Server & this forum. There are few requirements to be accepted into this position but I will list the ones we have below.

  • Be A Donator On The Server
  • Be A Subscriber Of The YouTube Channel
  • Spend Longer Than Two Weeks On The Server
  • Have 100+ Non-Spam Posts On The Forum
  • Be A Valuable Member Of The Community
  • Not Previously Banned On Server Or Forum
These are our requirements. 

Some further clues/information on unlocking these requirements:

You can Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Here: http://www.youtube.com/crusadershorts
You will soon be able to Donate once we get the system in place
Two weeks server time is not hard to accomplish if you are a regular
Post thoughtful and quality posts/support on the forum to achieve 100 posts (non-spamming)
Being a valuable member is judged by the Admins & Me if you stand out as valuable from your actions
If you're not a toxic member or a rule-breaker, not being banned shouldn't be an issue

Video Crusader Craft Official Server Trailer
Posted by: thebluecrusader - 12-17-2018, 04:23 PM - Forum: Media - No Replies

Crusader Craft Official Server Trailer

Hello everyone, first of all, Merry Christmas as Christmas comes nearer and nearer. I thought I'd get the Media forum started by posting the Official server trailer here for any new comers or anyone whom it concerns.

Question New Community Forum
Posted by: thebluecrusader - 12-17-2018, 04:22 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Welcome everyone to the brand new website we will be using for the server and its community from this point on. Post here anything valuable, there are sections for everything which include (but are not limited to): User Reports, News/Announcements, Bug Reports, General Discussion, Introductions & Much More.

If you are a regular in my YouTube livestreams/long time subscriber, you may be eligible for a custom rank on this forum. Or if you are a Staff Member on the Minecraft Server, equally you should receive the same rank on this forum. 

I'd also advise any newcomers to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Here: http://www.youtube.com/crusadershorts

thebluecrusader, Server Owner
Thank you everyone