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Staff Application Template & Requirements
This post will be to address everyone who wants to become a Moderator or Staff Member on the Minecraft Server & this forum. There are few requirements to be accepted into this position but I will list the ones we have below.
  • Be A Donator On The Server
  • Be A Subscriber Of The YouTube Channel
  • Spend Longer Than Two Weeks On The Server
  • Have 100+ Non-Spam Posts On The Forum
  • Be A Valuable Member Of The Community
  • Not Previously Banned On Server Or Forum
These are our requirements. 

Some further clues/information on unlocking these requirements:

You can Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Here: http://www.youtube.com/crusadershorts
You will soon be able to Donate once we get the system in place
Two weeks server time is not hard to accomplish if you are a regular
Post thoughtful and quality posts/support on the forum to achieve 100 posts (non-spamming)
Being a valuable member is judged by the Admins & Me if you stand out as valuable from your actions
If you're not a toxic member or a rule-breaker, not being banned shouldn't be an issue

Hello World!:

- hh

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