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How To Donate (Become A Donator)
The following is all of the information regarding donations on the server. Donations are optional and not mandatory. However, donating directly helps the server stay online. Currently, I am paying for the server out of my own pocket but it is hard due to the size and the player slots of the server, but Donators definitely help support this project. Donating allows you to gain access to multiple perks on the website and in-game on the server.

Website Perks Unlocked By Donating
  • Custom Coloured User Rank Title
  • Favoured In Staff Applications
  • Trusted In Player Reports
In-Game Minecraft Perks By Donating
  • Receive 10 Diamonds
  • Server Donator Rank With Exclusive Commands:
  • /Heal Command – Allows you to heal yourself
  • /Repair – Repair Items without an anvil
  • /feed – You don’t need to kill animals for food again in game
  • /back – Allows you to go back to your death point to save your dropped items
  • /enchant – Enchant your items without needing an enchantment table
  • [Donator] Coloured Tag In The In-Game Chat/Server Lobby To Stand Out From Others
Here Is The Link To Donate

Donate Here

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