How To Create a Productivity Desk Setup

I’m always conscious about productivity and how to generally be more productive each and every day possible. One move I made to come closer to this daily goal was to create a “Productivity Desk Setup” which would be my new quiet place for all things productive. Ironically, I’d actually seen this on YouTube myself before setting out to creating my own and in turn my own video also. Below I will write up about my personal setup and why it is a positive addition to my life and workflow and how you can make your own similar setup.

the location

One thing I previously outlined in my last blog post regarding reading tips was to find a quiet place to read without disturbances. This is at the very most core of the productivity desk setup and this perfectly ties in with reading as this is my personal quiet place for my reading. You can create your own personal desk setup anywhere in your house, although I found that the best spot was in the same room as my office where my main computer desk is and all of my other items in my workflow. I decided to place this a few metres away, also facing the opposite direction to my primary desk. The reason why I placed the desk further away and in a different direction was to seperate it as much as possible from my computer desk where I work on other projects and play video games, mainly due to being prone to procrastination from certain activities when at this main desk. If you struggle with temptation from other things or easily procrastinate, then it’s best to take a similar approach.


So which items should your workspace consist of? Well it’s not specifically just what you should have at your new desk setup, it’s a combination of what you should and shouldn’t have. For an example, as previously aforementioned, there’s certain things which can be key distractions from productivity, i’m pointing the finger at phones here too!

One of my main items is my laptop. Now I actually have an extremely powerful gaming computer which I invested in for my business, due to me producing video game video content on YouTube and thus needing the ability to record high quality footage and play the latest titles, however, my laptop is something I use for other productive means such as writing up blog posts here on this website or for micromanaging my investments such as my cryptocurrency portfolio for an example as well as using it to edit and record videos and play games on vacation or when I’m travelling away from home.

The next item at my setup is my Kindle. My Kindle is a huge component of my productivity flow. I love the Kindle because it encourages me to keep up with my reading goals and it’s an extremely lightweight device which can store a whole lot of books minus the space requirements. Since this is a more quiet place away from my gaming computer, I can dedicate specific time for reading with minimal distractions and it feels very relaxing as the desk has minimal clutter.

My desk also has drawing utensils like graphite pencils, erasers and a drawing book which I got when shopping. Drawing has always been a passion of mine. Although I’ve definitely lagged behind in terms of quality for my age, I have the talent for it and was ahead of my time in my younger years, although its something i’ve dedicated more leisure time to practice recently to improve again and catch up with. I find drawing really relaxing and it’s great for creativity and to draw characters and develop story elements which I hope to one day incorporate into a book. If you need a way to relax and wind down or a hobby that’s peaceful, drawing is something I’d recommend taking up and it’s a great addition to your productive workspace if it’s something that interests you.

A good quality chair is essential for productivity. I’d recommend investing in a high quality chair that gives you great back support and has ergonomics in mind. However, you definitely don’t need to splash out on something too expensive. My main desk setup actually has a fairly mid level prices gaming chair, although surprisingly my productivity desk setup only has a chair that cost me around £20. The cheaper chair actually gives me far better back support and complements me keeping a better posture. Make sure your chair is comfortable and offers good support.

One of the biggest tip that I realised over the course of my reading journey is that you should only read books that personally interest you. One thing I’d always find myself doing is trying to read really popular books or well rated books such as classics. I’d find myself almost fighting against my boredom in order to get through it just to say that I finished that particular book, only to drop it or stop reading completely in most of the cases. This would lead me to take multiple weeks off reading or month long hiatus’ from reading due to burn out or from a lack of enjoyment. It doesn’t matter if a book is super popular or well received, if you personally don’t enjoy it, you should probably choose something more accustomed to you. There’s so many book genres out there, go pick a better book.

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